How to Meditate God’s Word – eBook

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Every need you have can be met. Every impossible situation can be solved. The answers will come as you meditate in the Word of God and allow His desires to become your desires, then, give birth to it.

God has given me the pleasure over the years of watching men of faith and valor grow to maturity in Him. Dennis Burke is one of these men. His teaching is a joy to me. His steadfastness is an inspiration.

Every Christian should do himself a favor and read How To Meditate God’s Word. My years of studying faith and living by it have convinced me that meditation in God’s Word is the master key to God’s kind of life.

God bless you, Dennis, for bringing this vital Bible truth to us in such a clear and powerful way.
Jesus is Lord,
—Kenneth Copeland

Meditation in the Word of God will make the Word a part of your spirit. It is one of the greatest keys to obtaining understanding and truth. Whatever you can truly imagine on the inside of you can become a reality on the outside.

True meditation is to fill your thoughts with the thoughts of God, to be consumed with the things God has said. It will give you understanding of God, His ways and His Word. As you begin to meditate the Word, you will know how to walk in what God is revealing to you.

Meditation will bring you to the place of responding to God’s Word with your faith.


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