How to Seize the Transfer of Wealth

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For too long the Body of Christ has struggled with the realization that God wants to bring increase and financial miracles into our lives. God does not want to withhold His abundance from you, but you must walk with Him and honor His Word for the promise of increase to come to you.

God’s plan for wealth is that it be used for the promotion of His Kingdom. He is moving the hearts of the members of His family worldwide to take hold of wealth in order to demonstrate His goodness to those outside of His family. God is looking for those who will demonstrate His goodness because they understand His purpose for wealth. Will you be one of those He uses?

The transfer of wealth—it can happen in a day! Position yourself by discovering:

  • How to Create an Atmosphere for Increase
  • How to Tear Down Satan’s Final Stronghold
  • How to be a Blessing to the Blessed
  • How to Capture the Power of Giving



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