Featured Ebook – May 2018 – How to Speak the Word of God With the Voice of Jesus (Thompson)

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Author(s): Leroy Thompson
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Speak the Word of God With The Voice of Jesus—and Get Results!

When Christians are defeated by the tests, trials, and problems of life, there is a reason. What causes people to fail in getting the results that are promised in the Word? Is God’s Word not really as powerful as He says it is, or are they just working it incorrectly?

There is a secret to moving out of defeat and into victory. Living in complete victory in Christ is both possible and attainable. In this book, How To Speak the Word of God With the Voice of Jesus, you can learn how:

  • To determine whether you are a ‘voice’ or an ‘echo’
  • To have an intimate relationship with the Living Word
  • To get the Word to abide in you and produce power
  • To effectively wield the sword of the Spirit to ‘cut down’ circumstances, obstacles, and problems!
  • To speak the Word of God with the voice of Jesus and get the same results Jesus received when He spoke!

The living, abiding Word of God works! It will get the job done! Rev. Thompson says, “What an advantage we have in life when we understand how to take the Word of God into our situations and experience victory.”


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