I Believe in Visions

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Dramatic Encounters With the Risen Lord

“I heard footsteps coming down the corridor toward my [hospital] room. I looked toward the door to see who it was, because it was only 6:30—too early for visitors. Someone dressed in white came through the door and at first I supposed it was a nurse.

“As I looked closer, I saw it was Jesus! It seemed as if my hair stood on end. Cold chill bumps popped out all over my body, and I couldn’t say a word.

“Jesus approached my bed and sat down on a chair. He was robed in white and had some sort of sandals on.”

This is how Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin describes the beginning of his sixth major vision of Jesus Christ—an encounter in 1959 that lasted nearly an hour and a half. Rev. Hagin describes in fascinating detail all of his major visions of Jesus in the book I Believe in Visions. These visions have dramatically influenced Rev. Hagin’s more than sixty years of ministry.

In this book you will also discover:

• How God raised Rev. Hagin from a deathbed
• Why the word “if” is the badge of doubt
• How Satan influences lives today
• In-depth details of other visitations from the Lord


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