I Will Not Live in Lack

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When Jesus asked Peter if He could borrow his boat to teach from the water’s edge, Peter lent his boat to the Lord without hesitation. But, when Jesus tried to repay Peter by sending his boat “out for a catch,” Peter squirmed with excuses of why it wasn’t such a good idea.
In this powerful message based on Peter’s famous fishing trip, you will learn the importance of accepting the blessings of the Lord and never hesitating when it comes to God’s plan for your prosperity. Dr. Jesse Duplantis will show you the difference pure determination can make as he inspires you to attack lack! You’ll discover…

When God asks you for something, He always has a plan in mind to bless you!
Why trust and obedience are all it takes to see God’s plan for your prosperity begin!
Why your natural intelligence can’t hold a candle to your spiritual wisdom!
That success begins with determination, self-confidence and a “no excuses” attitude!
Why it’s so important to give God the credit when you experience blessings in life!
You don’t have to yield to the world’s system another day. God has made a plan for your success! Learn how to stand up and exercise your blood-bought right to blessings in Dr. Duplantis’ empowering message, I Will Not Live in Lack!


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