Impartation in the Home

Format: eBook (PDF)
Author(s): Paul M. Goulet
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Do you want your children to develop unshakable faith that will see them through life’s ups and downs? Do you want them to make wise choices, putting God first in everything they do? Do you want to see them falling more deeply in love with God, growing closer to Him each day? If you are like most Christian parents, your answer will be a resounding “Yes!” to all these questions, followed by a question of your own: “How?” Pastor Paul Goulet believes the key lies in understanding the power of impartation.

Drawing on his experience as a pastor, counselor and father of three—not to mention wisdom gleaned from 26 years of prayer and Bible study—he presents a fresh perspective on impartation and its role in Christian parenting. His ideas are innovative, practical and simple; and the principles upon which they are based are as ancient as the Bible itself. Let the power of positive impartation work for you! It’s never too late to start!


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