In His Presence

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What is the one thing we’re all looking for in our lives? I believe it is total, real (or genuine) joy—not just a little occasional joy—but the fullness of joy promised in God’s Word. Once you receive the revelation that fullness of joy is found only in His presence, you will find yourself becoming constant— stable, steadfast, and well balanced.

In order to enter into His presence and experience fullness of joy, I discovered that I needed to trust God in everything. I had to ask myself (and I hope you’ll do this, too), “What do I need besides God?” We want lots of things, but we really don’t need anything but God. The Bible tells us that all things are in Him. If all things are in Him, and He is in us, we have everything we’ll ever need. Hallelujah!

The life of God is inside us! The hope of glory is within! All that we need is dwelling on the inside of us! When we can just learn to hide in God, there is nothing that will ever completely deflate us!

When I learned to live what I call “the interior life,” realizing that the very presence of God dwells on the inside of me, then nothing “out there”—the circumstances that tried to bring on worry and trouble—could permanently impact my life!

I believe these tapes will help you see that anything you need besides God is something the devil can and probably will use against you. If you have to feel good to let the life of God show forth in you, I am convinced that your health will be up and down. When we do what we do just for the love of God, we don’t even get upset if we’re not appreciated. It’s not wrong to be appreciated—but we can’t need it.

Seek God and not just what you need from Him. Trust Him, and let Him bring you into His presence with fullness of joy!


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