In Your Face – The New Breed Church

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Change is something that makes people feel uncomfortable, but it is necessary to bring forth progress. Today the Body of Christ is in a time of great transition. Everywhere you turn, it is evident that God is on the move, The new breed church wants the real thing! We thirst for God in His manifested glory. We won’t back down from our high calling in Christ Jesus, Our light is one of faith and courage. I won’t be pushed around by the powers of darkness. We’re challenging them in every city and territory of the globe, We love the souls of men and women enough to say to the world, we’re IN YOUR FACE, GET USED TO IT!

Foreword by Roberts Liardon

I know this book has not been written out of theory but from very real, personal experience. I wholeheartedly recommend ‘The New Breed Church: In Your Face’ for your reading and application. I believe it will prove to be a valuable tool, not only for the young pastor just starting out, but for those with established works who might be looking for answers as the Church, as a whole, is going through transition.


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