Increase Is not an Accident, It Is an Association

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Author(s): Jesse Duplantis
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Stay linked with Jesus and prosper!

As a believer, you are forever in partnership with Jesus Christ—the Anointed One—the King of Kings! Your association with Him has not only secured eternal life in Heaven for you, but also a preordained blessed life here and now.

Discover what it truly means to be in association with the Lord Jesus and how your devotion and collaboration with Him will lift you to a higher level. In this upbeat message, Jesse shares biblical revelation that will show you how:

Increase is God’s nature and duty to you. Increase by association has observation and conviction of feeling in it. Increase has a voice that speaks very loudly—your association with it proves your devotion to God’s Word.

Learn to associate yourself with the Anointed One Who desires to increase your life for His glory. Your blessing is not an accident. Stay linked up to Jesus and prosper the way God wants you to—spiritually, physically, financially, and in every way!


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