Intercessory Prayer

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How to cancel the plans of satan & establish the plans of God

I. Prayer is the key to victory over satan.
A. Many believers’ prayer lives consist of general statements like “bless me, give to me, forgive me.”
B. We must learn how to ask God for specific things in prayer and persist until we receive an answer: James 4:2.
C. God seeks intercessors: Isaiah 59:16; 63:5.

II. You cannot last without prayer: Isaiah 64:7.

III. God seeks those who will make up the hedge of protection in prayer: Ezekiel 22:30.

IV. It is time to wake up, shake yourself spiritually, and begin to pray: Isaiah 52:1-2.

V. You can change tomorrow through persevering prayer.

VI. Why people don’t pray:
A. They don’t fear the Lord: Job 15:4.
B. They don’t think there is any benefit in prayer: Job 21:14.

VII. If you believe, you will receive: Mark 11:24.

VIII. The spirit of grace must be poured upon you in order to pray effectively: Zechariah 12:10.

IX. The Holy Spirit makes intercession according to God’s will: Romans 8:26.

“You pray to accomplish… God never said one time, ‘If you will pray; you will feel my presence.’ He said, ‘If you will pray, then I will act.’ God never promised you feelings … feelings will come and go, but you are praying to change things!”

Prayer changes things … and through this anointed teaching you will learn how to change your tomorrows with prayer. You will learn how to persevere in prayer, receive spiritual breakthroughs, and activate the spiritual key to victory over the enemy!


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