Is Jesus a Republican or a Democrat?

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Just What You Expect from Tony Campolo— the Unexpected!

In this book-on-casette, Tony Campolo sounds a call for Christians to address controversial issues honestly and courageously, without bowing to political correctness or party lines. Clear thinking, straight shooting, and thoroughly committed to the relevance of the gospel in today’s world, Tony penetrates our complacency with
arguments that are sometimes unpredictable, sometimes infuriating, but always loving and never bland.

Is Jesus a Republican or a Democrat?
Do Christians Promote Gay-Bashing?
Are Christian Talk Shows Christian?
What about Prayer in Public Schools?
Is Television Demonic?
Is that Preacher Who Killed the Abortion Doctor Guilty of Murder?
Was Jesus a Moderate?
Should Christians Support Gun Control?
Do Christians Have a Right to Take Over America?


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