Jerusalem: Countdown to Crisis

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Jerusalem: Countdown to Crisis

When you see what’s happening in America and the world it doesn’t take long to realize that God is proclaiming through the voice of nature that we are approaching the coming of Jesus Christ in the clouds of heaven. In this prophetic sermon series you’ll understand that Jesus Christ is coming much sooner than you believe.

As it goes with Jerusalem, so it goes with the world. Pastor Hagee walks through the history of Jerusalem from the sacrifice of Isaac, David’s capturing Jerusalem, to what Jesus saw in the future for Jerusalem.

Some may ask, “Has God replaced Israel?” Why is this important to you? Scripture teaches that what you do to the Jewish people—God will do to you. If you believe they are no longer in the economy of God and cease to bless them… God will stop blessing you.

Four thousand years ago the Prophet Ezekiel placed his pen to parchment under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and described in great detail a war that would happen on the hills of Israel in the final days of the Dispensation of Grace. We are living in that dispensation and the War of Ezekiel 38-39 is upon us.

Explore the future with Pastor Hagee as he takes you through “Jerusalem: Countdown to Crisis.”


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