Jerusalem: Where Empires Die

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Author(s): Lester Sumrall
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“Will America die at Jerusalem?”


What significance does Jerusalem hold for Christians?

Why do the Jews and the Muslims fight to gain control?

What role will Russia play in its future?

Revered as sacred by three major world religions—Christianity, Judaism, and Islam—Jerusalem is a magnet for political and religious strife. Although its name means “peace,” the city’s history is one of bloodbaths and warfare. Yet Jerusalem exerts a strange and beautiful fascination and is a center of global concern.

Lester Sumrall, who has visited Jerusalem more than forty times and has lived there with his family, portrays the mystical allure of this magnificent city in Jerusalem: Where Empires Die. Using a three-part format, Sumrall discusses the religious significance of Jerusalem’s history, the city itself, and the prophecies fulfilled—and yet to be fulfilled—there.


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