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David Alsobrook is a scholar, gifted teacher, and a man who prays for the sick and has had great numbers of healing miracles for many years. I appreciate this book as a frank, sharp and clear articulation of the biblical case for divine healing!
—Gordon Jensen
Acclaimed Gospel Songwriter & Recording Artist
International Healing Evangelist Nashville, Tennessee

In this survey of the Gospels David Alsobrook presents a thorough examination of Christ’s healing ministry. Acknowledging Jesus Christ as the same yesterday, today, and forever provides more than mere conjecture in his assertion that the day of miracles has not ceased. Reciting vivid accounts of healing in his own experience offers an undeniable witness attesting to the present day healing ministry of Jesus, I can wholeheartedly concur with this validity in light of my own findings, having observed thousands of miraculous healings in my evangelistic ministry throughout America and abroad.
—James E. Maloney, Ph.D.
International Missionary Evangelist
Director of Prophetic Ministries Christ For the Nations Institute, Dallas, Texas

In this hour when so many do not believe that God still heals, David Alsobrook has come up with the right prescription: a book which presents a well-presented, Scriptural case for healing. Having been healed personally of terminal cancer, and subsequently involved in a ministry of healing for nearly thirty years, I can add an enthusiastic “Amen!” to what David has written.
—Bill Banks,
Minister, Author of Alive Again! and Three Kinds of Faith for Healing.


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