Joseph—From the Pit to the Palace (Cerullo)

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Author(s): Morris Cerullo
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Are you experiencing personal famine in your life—family problems, poor health in your body, or financial stresses? Can’t help focus on global events—mass shootings, violence, economic desperation, or other worldwide crises?

This must-read book is for you! It focuses on one of the greatest examples we have of an overcomer who refused to accept defeat. Joseph was born when Jacob was ninety-one years old. God placed His hand on Joseph, and chose him from among Jacob’s other sons to become one of the most powerful and wealthy men in the land.
I have a Word from God for you. God told me to tell you that He will preserve you, regardless of the circumstances surrounding you. He is raising you up to be mightily used by Him.

Do not fear. Read the revelations God gave me for you in this book, to be the overcomer He destined you to be. Joseph rose from being a slave and prisoner to being the ruler of all Egypt, second only to Pharaoh. This position eventually gave him the ability to spare God’s people from death during a terrible famine.

As God was with Joseph, He will be with you. Take your time reading this book. Don’t put it down. Let it be a source of encouragement and strength as you see yourself in Joseph’s life, trusting and obeying God.


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