Know Your Enemy

Format: eBook (PDF)
Author(s): Norvel Hayes
File size: 1,290,503 bytes
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Don’t let Satan push you around!

Through the Holy Spirit God has given believers power and authority over all demons and works of the devil. Norvel Hayes believes that Christians today need to recognize and accept this fact, then learn how to stop Satan from pushing you around. Know Your Enemy provides clear insights on how you, as a child of God, can walk in the power and authority of Jesus’ name.

This high-impact book will affect your life and change the way you look at spiritual warfare. You will learn:

• How to make the devil obey you
• How praying in the Holy Spirit affects spiritual warfare
• How to put together the “tools” of spiritual warfare
• How to use faith in fighting off demons

The day has come for Christians to put their faith into action and stand victorious over Satan. We must know our enemy!


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