Leadership Lessons from the Life of David

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“There’s nobody in the Old Testament that provides a greater picture as to the ministry of Jesus, or the life of a dedicated believer” than King David, according to Mike Bickle. Known as “the man after God’s own heart”, David excelled both as a lovesick gazer on God’s beauty and a wise leader who brought his nation into victory in both war and seasons of blessing. What was it that motivated God to pursue David as king? How did God shape David for leadership and establish him on his throne? As is typical with the Lord, it’s not what we would think. David’s lessons in kingship were found in serving a demonized king that sought to kill him. Motivational servant leadership was further cultivated in the desert, with an army of discontented people who were distressed and in debt. Through adverse circumstances, the challenges of personal weakness, in rejection and favor, the Lord cultivated a leader through whom He could truly live.

The wisdom of David’s life will give vision, clarity and strength to your personal journey.


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