Left Behind: The Final Warning

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Author(s): Jack and Rexella Van Impe
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Perhaps the most powerful and far-reaching message ever from Dr. Jack and Rexella Van Impe,

Left Behind is the perfect witnessing tool, for it addresses those who may be left behind after the Rapture of the Church.

This teaching not only presents a starkly real picture of the tribulation that follows the disappearance of the Church, but it also answers these vital questions …

• Who is raptured or evacuated before the tribulation hour begins?
• Does the Bible teach four Raptures?
• Is the Rapture a concocted theory by a retarded girl, or can it be traced back 1,725 years, to 270 A.D.?
• What will raptured bodies entail?
• Will invading extra-terrestrial beings be blamed for the Rapture?
• Will babies be taken at the Rapture?
• Is there irrefutable proof of a Rapture before the hour of tribulation begins?
• Will the world end 7 years after the Rapture, or will it go on eternally?
• What 5 sins will inundate the globe after the Rapture?
• What 21 judgments will occur during the deadliest 7-year period of earth’s existence?
• Are all 21 judgments already in their initial stages? Can this be validated? (Yes!)
• Will the 21 judgments produce the greatest revival in history?
• What is indicated by the mysterious Aztec and Mayan date of 2012 on the most accurate calendars ever created?
• Why is the Jewish calendar off by 240 years? Is the problem solvable? •If so, is the latest approximate date for the Messiah’s return between 2015 and 2020?
• Will the Holy Spirit be present for the tribulation hour?
• Who hinders the Antichrist’s arrival?
• When the Bible states, “One shall be taken and one shall be left,” does it refer to the rapture or a judgment?
• What about: Russia’s last dash to the South? A planet in jeopardy? Ebola Zaire, drug resistant germs and biological warfare? Asteroids bombarding the planet? Nuclear weaponry? The rape of the oceans? Destruction under the high seas? 3 billion curies of radiation polluting the oceans? An 8-mile string of locusts? The world’s largest army? An incurable sore? Turkey’s 21 dams to dry up the Euphrates River?

RUNNING TIME: 113 minutes


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