Left Behind: Where’d Everybody Go?

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Author(s): Peter and Paul Lalonde
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This is the first gospel video message that has ever been prepared especially for those who will be Left Behind after the rapture takes place.

LEFT BEHIND: Where’d Everybody Go? is about winning souls. It is a tool that can win the lost even if you just leave it lying around your house. Most importantly, it will answer some of the questions that those left behind will be asking:

Who left and where did they go?
Who is this great leader that has arisen onto the world scene?
What is this New World Order they are talking about?
Why shouldn’t I believe them with all the incredible powers they have?
What is this mark of allegiance and why shouldn’t I take it?
What can I do from here? What are my choices?

Includes Special Interviews with Peter and Paul Lalonde, Hal Lindsey, Dr. John Walvoord, John Ankerberg, Zola Levitt and Dave Breese.

“A soul-winning tool you can trust!”

“This is the most important thing that this ministry has ever done. By sending the gospel to those on the other side of the rapture, Peter and Paul Lalonde have become more than prophetic teachers, they have become major players in the great end-time drama.”

Hal Lindsey, author,
The Late Great Planet Earth


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