Legalized Gambling

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Author(s): J. B. Buffington
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Easy Money or a House of Cards?

Legalized gambling is a house of cards built on ruined lives.

J. B. Buffington takes on every argument for legalized gambling and shows the real costs—the ruined lives, broken families, and tainted communities. He shows how the cancer grows and costs the communities far more than it ever pays in taxes and business.

In addition to powerful Scriptures, this booklet is filled with hard facts, quotations, and expert testimonies from sources like:

  • Mayors and senators
  • Crime commissions
  • The F. B. I.
  • National publications

This booklet answers questions like:

  1. Wasn’t casting lots in the Bible gambling?
  2. What about the stock market?
  3. Isn’t buying insurance a form of gambling?

Dr. Buffington gives you the tools and answers you need to resist legalized gambling and to fight against it in your community and state.


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