Living in Divine Prosperity

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Jerry, for this is what the Spirit of the Lord would say to you, “You have supernaturally tapped into some laws of Prosperity that not many people know. YOU ARE A NEW TESTAMENT ABRAHAM AND YOU WILL WALK IN THAT. And remember this, it is God that gives you the authority, the right, the strength, the knowledge and the wisdom to obtain and walk in great financial blessing. I know your heart, Jerry Savelle, and because of it these great financial blessings will cause tens of millions of souls to come into the Kingdom of God, because of your unwillingness to compromise and your compassion for those that are lost.”
Prophetic utterance given by Kenneth Copeland, Nov. 6, 1981
Philadelphia Victory Crusade

Jerry and Carolyn Savelle share the keys for deliverance from financial famine that God nas revealed to them by divine intervention.


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