Featured eBook – April 2013 – Living on the Cutting Edge

Format: eBook (PDF)
Author(s): Christian Harfouche
File size: 2,889,351 bytes
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“Someone once said regarding my life and the ministry that I was the sort of person who climbed a tree, inched my way out to the end of the highest limb, turned around, and proceeded to saw it off!”

“I would venture to say that this depicts living on the cutting edge. I believe in getting out so far on the Word of God and the faith that only God is cable of sustaining my life and ministry.”

“Once and for all, we must make the decision that we do not need a formula; instead, we must follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We must learn that we cannot measure God in the balance of our human intellect.”
—Dr. Christian Harfouche in Living on the Cutting Edge


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