Living to Give

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Author(s): Jerry Savelle
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LIVING TO GIVE isn’t another prosperity book.

Rather, it clearly points out overlooked Biblical principles for godly giving. The Lord has many more opportunities for us to give, so that we can have our needs met. In this powerful, prophetic word, Jerry Savelle brings Christians the principles that will revolutionize their giving and prepare them for the endtime harvest.

Are you need-conscious or seed-conscious? God is seed- conscious, and He wants you to be seed-conscious, too!

You will learn:

How to become seed-minded and not need-minded

How to approach God with your needs

How to have God’s attitude about your needs

How to increase the fruits of righteousness

How to make giving your lifestyle

“God has already made provision for all our earthly needs—now we are to give enough so that we can bless those around us.”


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