Lord, Give Me a Praying Spirit

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God wants to do something impossible in your life. He wants to expose you to such a realm of glory that it will literally catch you on fire! And how can this happen? it will happen as you pray!

That’s why Bishop T.D. Jakes wants to share with you this explosive new series of messages on prayer, Lord, Give Me A Praying Spirit. These six tapes will equip you with the basic teaching you need to pray with confidence and receive answers you never dreamed you could have.

Message 1 -Your Praise Will Never Replace Your Prayer — Learn five reasons you cannot get by without prayer.
Message 2 – He Heard You—Let T.D. Jakes show you that sometimes silence is God’s answer — and it’s for your good.
Message 3 – Lord, Give Me A Praying Spirit— Be inspired to ask God for the impossible.
Message 4 – Burning Prayer — Work through the difficult but essential issue of prayer languages.
Message 5 – The Embryo Of Prayer — Discover how to build your faith and take your prayer life to the next level.
Message 6 – Lord, Teach Us To Pray— Learn the secrets of effective prayer as taught by Jesus Himself.

If you’re serious about growing to spiritual maturity, this is a series of messages you simply must have. Watch, listen, study and learn. Then let God give you the praying spirit that will change your life!


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