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Message #1
Relating the parable of the fig tree to the attitudes of men.
Our rights as men. What they are, how they can be lost through sin.
God’s rights to us, and all we possess.
The counterfeit rights of Satan. Christ’s dominion over the power of Satan.
Our rights in Christ.
God’s expectations of manhood.
God’s mercy and forgiveness in the parable of the Prodigal Son.
Choosing a life in Christ.
Real manhood is Christ-likeness.
Success through obedience to God’s Word.
Our unique potential because we are “In Christ”
Finding God’s distinctive success pattern for you.

Message #2
Christ-likeness-the fruit that God expects.
Everything in life holds potential for good or for harm.
Principle of the law of increase and decline.
Process of exchange determines productivity.
Conviction as evidence of God’s love.
Characteristics of prejudice and pride.
Christ-likeness and the perfection of Jesus.
The essence of maturity.


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