Mantels and Anointings

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Did you know you are clothed by God with a “mantel”, a divine endowment to live the Christ kind of life? Did you know you were created to fly? To soar like an eagle!

This is perhaps the most thorough and in-depth teaching you will ever find on Mantels & Anointings. If you desire a better understanding of the power of God, and how to implement it in your life, this intensified training is second to none.

In this series, you will also discover:

  • the different anointings
  • things that activate the anointing

  • misconceptions about the anointing

  • lies against the anointing

  • reasons the anointing won’t move the way God wants it to move

  • reasons the anointing increases and enhances

Whatever your challenge, sickness or bondage…you will find the answer in Mantels & Anointings!


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