Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

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Author(s): Gordon Lindsay
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Here is a book with a wide range of information that has been needed. It is a compassionate and Biblical approach to a subject that affects the lives of the vast majority of mankind.

For a long time it has been apparent to those engaged in the ministry of healing that the health of married people often has a definite relation to how well they are adjusted in their marriage relation. All kinds of frustrations and mental illnesses and neuroses develop as a result of a marriage that has become sick. Consequently to pray for the healing of such persons is to deal with the result rather than the cause.

This book gives the history of marriage as a divine institution. It shows what the Bible says about divorce and remarriage. One chapter is given to explaining the causes of divorce. Other chapters include the following:

  • Where men fail in marriage.
  • What is it that women want most in men they marry?
  • The troubled marriage.
  • Divorce is not the answer.
  • What women should know about husbands.

There is a chapter that deals with difficult questions, among which are:

  • Are some marriages not made in heaven?
  • Is there a Scriptural reason for divorce?
  • Does the Bible urge reconciliation for estranged couples?
  • When is remarriage scriptural?
  • What about abortions?
  • What about artificial insemination?

These and many other questions are answered in this book. There is nothing like it in print containing so much information in so compact a form.


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