Ministering to the Oppressed

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Author(s): Kenneth E. Hagin
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Set the Captives Free

In Ministering to the Oppressed, Kenneth E. Hagin tells us, “Evil spirits are here, and they want to manifest themselves in the sense realm in this world. Working from the outside, they can oppress. You can sense their presence. Many times even a child of God senses the oppression of the enemy.”

This is the third volume in Rev. Hagin’s series on demons. In it he tells specifically how to minister to those held in bondage by Satan.

The same demonic spirits that were here when Jesus walked the earth are here now. They have indwelt numerous people, giving rise to the erroneous idea of reincarnation.

Rev. Hagin tells of actual case histories in which demonic oppression caused appendicitis, cancer, spiritism, murder, ulcers, and mental oppression.

Methods of supplying God’s deliverance make this book a must for every Christian’s library.


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