Ministering Victory Over Abuse

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Author(s): Cheryl Lynn
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In one year there were more than 2.9 million reported cases of child abuse in the United States. As a survivor of abuse, Cheryl Lynn has an inspiring testimony of conquering the effects of child abuse in her life. Applying the principles shared in this mini-book will produce these results:

A-nger will melt away as wounds are healed.

B-itterness will ebb away as the healing process begins.

U-nforgiveness will be replaced with forgiveness.

S-uffering will be eliminated.

E-vil—the emptiness and emotional damage perpetuated by abuse—will be eliminated and the cycle of abuse broken.

This results in Wounds healed; Healing emotionally; Obedience and openness to the Word; the immeasurable, enfolding Love of God; and the Enlightenment, encouragement and expectation produced by applying the Word. All of this produces one thing: W-H-O-L-E people!


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