Featured eBook – August 2014 – Ministry: Don’t Waste Your Time

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Golden Nuggets from 50 Years in Ministry

Every once in a while a minister comes along who stands out as unique. Pastor Harold Nichols is just such a man. One of the reasons is that he was pastor of one church, Grace Temple Church in Fort Worth, Texas, for over 50 years! His selfless devotion to his church and to his community are spoken of very strongly in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and he is known by most of the great Word of Faith teachers of our day.

If you are in ministry, or you have a desire to increase the impact of your ministry, then this book will be great reading for you and will give you fundamental truths that will help build a strong foundation for you and your ministry. Learn from Pastor Nichols successes, and failures. Why make the same mistakes or try to reinvent the wheel?

“Brother Harold is one of my ‘Heroes in the Faith’. I have often said that I wish I could take Brother Nichols with me everywhere that I go so that other ministers could learn from him as I have.”

“We have experienced the truths in this book and their great value in our lives for 40 years.”

“In the 37 years that Brother Nichols has been my pastor, and my friend, I never heard him preach a sermon that didn’t minister to my needs and the needs of my family. I will have other pastors, but none will ever measure up to the love, stature, honesty, friendship and integrity of Pastor Harold Nichols.”

“Pastor Nichols took me, a young man with no knowledge of God, and taught and groomed me to become the head of a worldwide ministry … I still seek his wisdom and guidance in my life.”


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