Money Cometh!

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Author(s): Leroy Thompson
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Money is not evil! You need money to operate in this world system. Dr. Thompson states,

“God wants us to have plenty of money so that He can get this gospel in every hole and behind every curtain and wall!”

In this series of Money Cometh, Dr. Thompson shares how he recieved the revelation of “Money Cometh,” what it means and how to apply it to your life. For every believer who wants to be free from financial bondage, this message can change your life.

Titles are:
Money Cometh to the Body of Christ
Getting the Curse of Poverty Off the Body of Christ
What Causes Money Not to Come?
Right & Wrong Thinking About Money
Seed, Power, & Increase
Yield What You Have to God and He will Multiply It
How to Survive Until the Prosperity Arrives
Keying in on the God-Kind of Prosperity
Honoring Your Heritage of Prosperity-1
Honoring Your Heritage of Prosperity-2
How to Qualify for Prosperity
Money Cometh vs. Money Covetousness-1
Money Cometh vs. Money Covetousness-2
Your Prosperity is Paid For
Christ Jesus the Lord Over Poverty and the Lord of Prosperity
Don’t Settle For Less, For I Have Provided For You to Have the Best


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