No More Limits!

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Author(s): Happy Caldwell
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God has a specific plan for your life. Part of that plan is to walk in victory over every circumstance. But perhaps you are finding it difficult to get past limitations you have placed on yourself or on God. These boundaries are keeping you separated from the full use of heaven’s resources, and your life may be lacking the power that God intends for you to have.

This book is not about the power of positive thinking. This book is about the power of the Word of God working in your life! No More Limits means you are able to do all things through Christ Who strengthens you. No More Limits means discovering the will of God for your life and receiving the fullness of His provision. No More Limits means reaching beyond your current circumstances and tapping into the unlimited resources He has provided for every area of your life! No More Limits means that there are no more limits on you and no more limits on God!

Don’t accept every circumstance that comes your way as God’s will. Start removing the limitations which have been keeping you from experiencing the abundant life God has for you. Begin walking in freedom with No More Limits today!


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