One Nation Under God

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Author(s): Bob Yandian
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Can crime and immorality be stopped?

Can anything be done to save our nation?

Is world peace possible?


One Nation Under God gives insight into Biblical principles that can change a nation’s direction from one of destruction to one of well-being.

Some Topics include:

★ Capital Punishment

★ Crime

★ Conscientious Objection

★ Immorality

★ Separation of Church and State

★ Homosexuality

★ Authority in the Home

★ Freedom and War

One Nation Under God is a book that every person needs to read and what every nation needs to become.

“I believe that America, our great nation, is blessed because of its strong Christians … America’s foundations are based on Bible truths … But even so, God has a bone to pick with us—a controversy … God’s controversy with us is that in our nation we have left these foundations and principles.”

—Bob Yandian


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