Featured eBook – April 2012 – Open My Eyes, Lord

Format: eBook (PDF)
Author(s): Gary Oates and Robert Lamb
File size: 2,530,721 bytes
Downloads: 3227


“This is one of the most exciting books I have read in a long time…I can verify this story. I am a witness to what Gary has written and more…”
—Randy Clark

“I was riveted to the pages…the scriptural study of the ministry of angels brought me to tears…Thank you Gary, for letting us in on your ongoing experiences.”
—Jack Taylor

“I could not put this amazing book down. I laughed and cried as the Holy Spirit touched me through these anointed stories. If you want a deeper life in the Holy Spirit, this book is for you!”
—Heidi Baker

“Gary Oates’ book…is captivating…While it is theologically sound, it is also experientially riveting…It contains the very heart of God, igniting everything it touches…”
—Bill Johnson

“Gary Oates not only provokes you to jealousy by his supernatural walk with God, but he also encourages you to walk in this special intimacy.”
—Sid Roth


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