Featured eBook – June 2013 – Oppressionless

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Author(s): George Bloomer
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When the “crunch” of life threatens to surround and smother you, fear often presents itself as an extreme form of defense. But fear unchecked can turn into oppression—and unchecked oppression can shut a person down.

In Oppressionless, George Bloomer helps readers identify the various faces of oppression and provides powerful, biblical solutions to living fear-free.

In this liberating book, readers will discover:

  • The spiritual nature of oppression
  • Why oppression can be a major factor in shaping a child’s identity
  • The major side effect of oppression—depression
  • Oppression’s point of no return: addiction
  • How one touch from God can break oppression’s vicious cycle
  • And much more!

Oppression’s feelings of worthlessness and social withdrawal have sapped the life out of too many believers in Christ’s born-again church. If you or someone you know have been struggling with this debilitating foe, George Bloomer can help you find freedom in Jesus today!


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