Our Covenant of Prosperity

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It Is God’s Will For You To Prosper Financially!

Are you experiencing financial difficulties in your life? Are you unable to give to God’s Kingdom because you just don’t have enough money to make ends meet? Perhaps you have been taught that wealth is a sin. The Bible clearly teaches that financial prosperity is part of your redemption in Jesus Christ. In fact, God takes pleasure in your prosperity!

In this book, Pastor Markus Bishop outlines important scriptural truths to help you discover that financial prosperity is promised to every believer, not just to a select few. As you begin to operate according to the principles outlined in this book, you will see supernatural abundance start to flow in your life.

Our Covenant of Prosperity is a teaching that has revolutionized my life by bridging God’s commitment to bless me with my commitment to sow. This book will absolutely change your mind.
—Creflo Dollar

I rejoice that God is raising up men like Markus Bishop to help spread the message of biblical economics around the world. I recommend that anyone really interested in becoming prosperous get a copy of this book. Read it, meditate on it, highlight it, and devour it!
—John Avanzini

Don’t be content with just barely getting by. Learn how to activate your covenant of prosperity today!


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