Overcoming Dark Imaginations

Format: eBook (PDF)
Author(s): Jonas Clark
File size: 2,163,087 bytes
Downloads: 1065


In this ebook, you will discover:

  • With your spirit you connect to the unseen spirit world, with your body the natural world, and with your soul the magnificent world of imagination.
  • Your soul hosts your mind, emotion, imagination, reasoning and intellect. The warfare that attacks your mind operates within your soul, particularly your thought life and within your imagination.
  • Vain imaginations are those corrupted negative images and possibilities that form within the spirit of your mind when you linger on negative thoughts.
  • Imaginations create reality, even evil reality.
  • All of us have thoughts. They can be good or bad, but thoughts are only ingredients we use to make decisions.
  • If your thoughts are carnal, then cast them down. If they are positive, feed them.
  • Your imagination can only incubate what you linger on, good or bad.


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