Featured Audio - July 2008 - Positioned for Power

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Yielding to the Master’s Plan

“There must be more, Lord!” With this anguished cry, Phillip and Fern Halverson asked God what they could do to bring the book of Acts to life in their lives. They knew the Word. They were busy in church work. They knew the Lord…or did they? In the months that followed their desperate plea, the Holy Spirit began to reveal Himself in unexpected ways, taking them into new realms of prayer and power.

Realms that God desires all of us to walk in.

Yes, the book of Acts can come alive in your life. And in this exciting series, you’ll learn how!


  • How you can come to know God’s ways in prayer (not just in His acts)
  • What creates the right atmosphere for God to speak
  • The key to being in the right place at the right time
  • How you can bypass your intellect and pray God’s perfect plan
  • The simple step that opened a floodgate of power

God has a plan and is searching for those He can position to fulfill it. Get started on this series today, and get posi­tioned for power!


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