Power in Your Hand

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Author(s): Wallace H. Heflin, Jr.
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God Doing Extraordinary Miracles Through Ordinary People

“There is something very special about the laying on of hands—YOUR hands. If you will open yourself to God and respond to His Word, He will do something wonderful for you. As believers, God has given us two ways of ministering to others. The first is with our voices. We can also impart something through our hands. With your hands you can make a ‘point of contact’ and what is in you can be given (imparted) to someone else.”—Rev. Wallace H. Heflin, Jr.

In this book, a compilation of four of Rev. Heflin’s most beloved sermons, discover how you are:

  • An extension of God’s hands
  • A storehouse of God’s power
  • A point of contact with God’s power
  • Able to do the works of God



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