Practical Suggestions for Successful Ministry

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Author(s): Frederick K C Price
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Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

The success you experience, or do not experience, in ministry is not up to God — it is up to you! God has given us all of the ingredients and the plan we need to succeed; now it is our turn to make it work.

Practical Suggestions for Successful Ministry by Frederick K.C. Price is required reading for those in the ministry who are tired of mediocrity and want to experience the success God has planned for them. Dr. Price has compiled the best of his twenty-plus years of ministry into this powerful and challenging, yet practical, handbook.

Biblical teaching includes the 10 principles that, when applied with faith, will produce fruitful results in the ministry. Also included is an extensive question and answer section. In detailed and in-depth fashion, Dr. Price answers fifty of the most-often asked questions.

Practical Suggestions for Successful Ministry, by Frederick K.C. Price, one of the nation’s foremost pastors, is filled with insights into how you can achieve a God-ordained, successful ministry. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!


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