Prayer Power and Prosperity

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Increase Is Coming!

The last days are upon us, and we in the Church are gearing up for God’s final harvest and the return of Jesus. God is taking His harvest equipment out of the barns and is changing our “oil” and greasing our “gears” so we will be prepared for what is to come.

What is coming in the days ahead? The greatest move of God the world has ever seen! We are living in the days of the Book of Acts, where they prayed, power flowed, and finances flooded the Church. It’s time for the Church lo pray like we have never prayed before. Our prayers will bring mighty demonstrations of God’s power to Earth, poured out in the way of signs, wonders and miracles. This power will usher in a flood of prosperity which will help sweep God’s final harvest into the barns.

It’s coming! We’re right on the edge of it! The door to the greatest move of God this Earth has ever seen is about to open. Prayer, power, and prosperity are the three keys that will unlock that door!

In Prayer, Power, and Prosperity, you will:

â–  Understand the purpose for prosperity
â–  Catch a spirit of prosperity
â–  Learn to tap into God’s system for increase
â–  Experience God’s blessings to you and through you


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