Praying Hyde

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“A Life of the Apostle of Prayer”

We take our stand near the prayer closet of John Hyde, and are permitted to hear the sighing and the groaning, and to see the tears coursing down his face, to see his frame weakened by foodless days and sleepless nights, shaken with sobs as he pleads, ‘O God, give me souls or I die!'”
-Francis A. McGaw

“One of the results of reading this hook will be the enlistment of many and better intercessors.”
-J. Pengwern Jones

John Hyde’s prayer life ranks in a league with the prayer lives of Andrew Murray, George Mueller, Charles Finney, Frank Bartleman, Rees Howells, Evan Roberts and other prayer warriors of church history. If you wish to learn to pray effectively you can do with no better example than to read the life of John Hyde.


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