Featured Ebook – December 2017 – Presbyteries and Apostolic Teams (Eckhardt)

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Does the Church Measure up?

God is presently increasing the line of the church. The word line in the Hebrew is the word QAV meaning a cord for measuring. It represents a measure. A “measure” is the extent, dimensions, or quantity of something. The Church’s line is its extension and outreach. The Church’s line must go through the earth. This will affect all nations and tongues.

God’s plan for fulfilling this word is in the presbyteries and apostolic teams. As we develop strong presbyteries and apostolic teams, we will see an increase in our measure and reach places we could not reach before.

Apostolic teams give the Church the ability to expand beyond the local borders and touch the nations. Presbyteries enable the Church to be governed properly, keeping the local assembly strong. Both are essential in helping the Church fulfill its mission of impacting regions, territories, and nations.

A proper understanding of presbyteries and apostolic teams will help us to develop them and incorporate them into the local church. All around the world there is a hunger to walk in apostolic power and authority. This book is dedicated to help satisfy this hunger that is being birthed by the Holy Spirit.


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