Refuse to Accept Defeat!

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Author(s): Morris Cerullo
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In this exciting revelation that God has given to me, you will discover the powerful, spiritual secrets that Jacob learned. He could have been defeated by his own character flaws, fear, depression, enemies, and circumstances. But Jacob never gave up and God never left him. In fact, Jacob even wrestled with the Angel of the Lord. God changed Jacob, and he overcame. This same miracle breakthrough is available for you!

Regardless of the opposition of your enemies or the challenges, obstacles, or struggles you are facing, God wants you to hold on to His promises. God is not a man, that He should lie… (Numbers 23:19).

God will not leave you powerless. He has already promised you that He will never leave you alone. Discover how you, too, can be the kind of overcomer God can use as a vessel of mighty power, like Jacob, despite the circumstances you face. Nothing is impossible with God.

You can be an overcomer. As a prophet of God, I’m going to show you how to experience your miracle breakthrough!



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