Releasing Angels and Prophetic Proclamation

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For centuries, angels have appeared in all forms of art and in most recent times, angels have graced the covers of Time and Newsweek magazines. We are a generation that has become fascinated with angels. According to the book of Revelation, the preoccupation with angels is a sign of the end times.

But who or what are angels? What is their purpose? Who commands them? Are they even real?

This series will examine these and other questions.

Message I defines exactly who and what angels are. Everyone has at least two angels assigned to them, to do for them what they cannot do for themselves.

Message II explores the relationship of prophetic proclamation and angels. If we had the faith to embrace half of what we proclaimed, we would be some of the most dangerous people on earth.

Message III will teach you the practical skills necessary to unleash the power of prophetic proclamation. You will learn to stand on the word you receive in prayer, the word you receive from a prophet and the logos or written word applicable to your situation or circumstance.


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