Featured eBook – November 2014 – Responding to the Holy Spirit

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Respond more to receive more!

The reason people don’t receive more from God is because they don’t respond more. You will never receive beyond the measure of your response; yet, people must be taught how to respond properly to God and to the moving of His Spirit. Many people mistakenly think that God can do anything He wants, any time He wants, but He can’t; He must have our agreement and our proper response before He can move in our lives.

This is not only true in our lives, but in our church services as well. God spoke to me and said, ‘You can pray for My Spirit to move in your services, but if the people don’t respond when He begins to move, it won’t matter that you prayed.’ If people only knew how to respond to the Spirit of God, they would see greater moves of God in their services and in their lives. Many pray for God to move, which is right to do, but God is looking for someone who will respond to His movement.
— Nancy Dufresne in Responding to the Holy Spirit


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