Featured eBook – August 2007 – School of the Spirit – Liardon

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Author(s): Roberts Liardon
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Jesus never intended for His followers to lead weak, wimpy, powerless lives. God wants you strong every day! He wants you to walk daily in His Spirit, confronting every situation from a position of power—Holy Spirit power.

In School of the Spirit you’ll learn:

  • how to build a strong spirit
  • seven biblical ways the Holy Spirit leads His people
  • the benefits of praying in tongues
  • how to hear the “inward witness”
  • how to stay free from unbiblical forms of guidance

“Being led by the Spirit of God affects every part of your life for one big reason: God wants to help you with every part of your life—public, private, work and social—not to take the fun out of it, but to bless it beyond your imagination.”

—Roberts Liardon


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