Secrets to Good Health

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A popular contributor to the nationally televised Lifestyle Magazine since 1986, Dr. McDougall’s personable yet forthright style makes him highly regarded by medical experts and viewers alike. In this entertaining and informative collection of excerpts from his weekly “McDougall’s Medicine” segment, Dr. McDougall shares with you a wide variety of enlightening and vital facts about nutrition, lifestyle, disease prevention and treatment.

Dr. McDougall offers timely advice and cutting-edge information about maintaining good health through intelligent nutritional choices. You’ll learn how to choose foods that suit your tastebuds and your body’s needs, and you’ll be encouraged by Dr. McDougall’s interviews with many medical and nutrition experts, all of whom agree: Dr. McDougall’s advice can help you lose weight, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure, decrease or eliminate your need for medication and avoid costly and unnecessary surgery in as little as twelve days!

Share this video with your family and friends and introduce them to the many benefits of the McDougall Program. Each time you watch this video, you’ll be encouraged to continue to choose the excellent health you deserve.


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