Seizing God-Given Opportunities

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Author(s): Jerry Savelle
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The only one who can stop you from being successful is you!

You have teen created by God to be successful in every area of your life.

He has placed a special calling on your life, and He will send numerous opportunities your way to fulfill that calling. The question is, Are you prepared to take hold of those opportunities when they come along?

In this life-changing book, Jerry Savelle delivers powerful teaching to help you discern the lies of the enemy so that you can seize the truth of God’s Word concerning your life. This encouraging message will motivate you to press beyond limitations and start living according to the full potential God created you to achieve.

The biblical truths outlined in this book will teach you:

  • Why God wants you to be successful
  • Why so many people miss divine opportunities in their lives
  • Why adversity always seems to accompany opportunity
  • Why failing doesn’t make you a failure
  • How to unlock your full potential
  • How to turn opportunities into realities

God wants you to be all that He has called you to be, have all that He has called you to have and do all that He has called you to do. So don’t sit bach, just waiting for the promises of God to fall into your lap. Start Seizing God-Given Opportunities today!


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