Seven Master Keys to Triumphant Christian Living

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This book represents a series of lessons which were carried in our publication a few years ago. These lessons aroused a very considerable interest among our readers and several of my friends have insisted that they be published. Actually they contain in compact form secrets of practical living which I learned in the many years of ministry and which I have found most valuable in my personal life.

As one example, a considerable proportion of Christians are actually victims of anxiety neuroses. The chapter of the Master Key To End Worry deals with this problem and shows the simple Bible way to end anxiety in a Christian’s life.

The seven Master Key chapters are as follows:

Master Key To End Worry.
The Master Key to A Successful Life.
The Master Key to Faith.
The Master Key to Omnipotence.
The Master Key to the Impossible.
The Master Key to All Things Working Together for Good.
The Master Key to Guidance.

These chapters I believe will help answer many of the problems which Christians have, and give the key to the solution of many of the problems they face. God’s will is that every believer shall experience a victorious, triumphant life.


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